This duality of the familiar and the foreign is mirrored in the osmotic relationship between presence and absence, with which every infatuated lover is intimately acquainted — that parallel intensity of longing for our lover’s presence and anguishing in her absence. Maria Popova, Why We Fall in Love: The Paradoxical Psychology of Romance and Why Frustration Is Necessary for Satisfaction | Brain Pickings.

I’ve read the above quote at least twenty times now. It is beautiful and I don’t pretend to really understand it. I say that as a bit of a warning. Most things over at Brain Pickings take time to understand. Maria’s ability to invite us to think deeply is unlike anything else on the internet. If you only have a couple of minutes, bookmark this one for later. If you have the time to soak in some deep thinking, follow the link and enjoy. I suggest reading it with your loved one. Wine is optional but highly recommended.

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