I (Laura) have been thinking about this very thing lately. It’s one of the tension points Leslie and I have felt a lot – especially as I’ve been trying to divest myself of the Stay-at-Home Mom identity and embrace a more equitable set of roles in the home, as a Work-at-Home Mom partner to a Work-at-Home Dad.

…what time is like for most women: fragmented, interrupted by child care and housework. Whatever leisure time they have is often devoted to what others want to do – particularly the kids – and making sure everyone else is happy doing it. Often women are so preoccupied by all the other stuff that needs doing – worrying about the carpool, whether there’s anything in the fridge to cook for dinner – that the time itself is what sociologists call “contaminated.”

Read it all: “Why Time is a Feminist Issue,” by Brigid Schulte.

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