Back in 2000, I (Laura) was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and had the privilege of seeing the NeoFuturists perform their brilliant “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind” show – 30 short, improv-inspired plays in 60 minutes.

The play that has stuck with me was a simple 1 minute and 45 second long monologue called “The Idea of You.” (You can listen to the first few seconds of it for free, here.)

Essentially, it’s a person who has come to the revelation that he has fallen in love with the Idea of You, and not actually You. He calls You up and asks to speak to the Idea of You.

What transpires is as profound as it is funny. And, as all good theater does, it was life-changing. I’ve never forgotten that warning.

When we started our first podcast brainstorming session, at the top of my list was an episode that would talk about The Idea of You, and how heartbreaking it can be to be in relationship with an Idea instead of a Person.

Listen to Episode 2: The Idea of You, right here.


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