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In this episode we respond to feedback from our listeners. First up is a thoughtful response to “Soldiering through our emotions” from Molly. Then, we dissect and discuss an article a listener linked us to. We round out the show with discussion of our Love Languages, and our Kaizen Moment takes a slightly different twist as we tell the other what to do for us this week. We also announce this week’s giveaway: a Baron Fig notebook!


Posted by Leslie Camacho


  1. Claudia Shechtman January 27, 2016 at 1:08 am

    Yay! Great show. Thanks for addressing the places in the “She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink” article where the writer fell a little short. Tying it with Love Languages was a good help to broaden understanding.
    Thanks guys!


  2. i feel special and famous squee


  3. i’d love to enter the giveaway this week!


  4. Hey Laura….your Nenek would be so pleased to hear this podcast. She worked SO HARD with me to instill the concept of love being demonstrated by Acts of Service – and it wasn’t always an easy job!!

    I had to laugh (ruefully) while listening, because your Mama and I did the “glass by the sink” dance once upon a time…..I consistently ended my day by rinsing all the dishes and putting them on the counter so she could load the dishwasher the way she wanted. She just as consistently told me that this was no good – she’d rather I did NOTHING with them than leave them there. It was beyond my understanding! I could never load the dishwasher “correctly” – she always rearranged (something I understand now that I am the one with the responsibility) after I’d done it – and it seemed to me that doing everything, including swishing the sink out and wiping the counters, was a TREMENDOUS contribution. We went around and around until she was able to explain that dishes on the counter signified “messy kitchen” and coming down to that was TERRIBLE for her in the morning. From then on, I did all the stuff as usual, but left the rinsed dishes down in the sink so they didn’t show. Suddenly, we were BOTH very happy!

    The point of the story is that those of us who process things more logically need an explanation we can understand if we’re not to simply say “Yes, Dear” all the time….. It’s hard for those who don’t think this way, but (believe me) processing the “why” for your needs is going to be worth the effort.

    One more thing… married a good man! I’m so proud of you both!


  5. I’d love to enter the giveaway for the notebook. 🙂


  6. Great show guys! Really love this one. I’d like to be entered into the notebook giveaway. Pretty please. 🙂


    1. Being sick had at least one positive benefit… gave you enough time to enter the give away! Its still open until we get episode 60 out the door next week.


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