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In this episode, we answer a listener question and talk about our different circles of friends and acquaintances. Noting that we cannot be Everyone and Everything to each other and that marriage cannot be lived in a vacuum of just two people, we discuss what makes our other relationships valuable assets to our lives, businesses, and marriage.

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Posted by Leslie Camacho


  1. Claudia Shechtman June 2, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    Love the episode. It’s so good to hear a man’s perspective on same-sex friendships.
    And I would love to share my friendship experience, but you might disqualify my best friend, who is a man (and gay!). But he lives in your state, and I live on another continent.
    So my best local friends are female. And yes, you gravitate to those like you, which in Denmark turns out are Australians and Brits. We have many similarities, not least of which being the foreigners in this country. We can vent about the natives and spare our Danish husbands diatribes that would be annoying or even hurtful for them. We can support each other in our endeavors, including starting our own businesses. We all like each other and expand our friend circles through each other, which is desperately needed.

    My family and I are looking to move to another town, and I have been pondering starting some kind of group, perhaps like the Friday night spaghetti concept. You’ve given me real motivation for that. My husband made a good friend about 5 years ago, and they moved to the states last year, which was very sad for him. I’d love for him to have another friend like that, only in the same town.

    Anyhow, thanks for making the slog to do the episode, and hope you have a wonderful birthday, Laura!


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  2. Great episode! How do you find the time for these deep friendships in the midst of family, work, and all the side projects you guys have going on? That is my biggest struggle. We moved recently and I’ve made lots of acquaintances that are good potential close friend candidates, but I’m just not around them enough to spend the time to really get to know them. (This is my theory of why college friendships are so easy — PROXIMITY!)


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