Seeing $500,000 in your bank account can make you cocky. It can seem like an endless supply of cash and more money than most people (including me) have ever seen in their bank account. But you have to treat that $500,000 like it’s $5,000 or even $500. Every dollar matters.

It’s why I like to have a budget. – Ron Gilbert, Thimbleweed Park.

This is Ron Gilbert of Maniac Mansion fame, one of the ground breaking adventure games of its time. He’s done tons of other stuff too. In short, he knows his stuff. This is not a “marriage” post but its a very worthwhile read if you are thinking about launching a business. Yes, this includes all you aspiring Kickerstarter folk. Ron breaks down the budget for his latest Kickstart project, Thimbleweed Park. Its rare to get a detailed look at someone’s actual budget like this, don’t miss out.

Posted by Leslie Camacho

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