“It’s like defining a marriage by the size of the house it occupies as opposed to defining the marriage by the love between two people and the life they build for themselves and the experience they share as part of the marriage. That’s the difference between the people who don’t get it (that you’re talking about), business people who can’t seem to buy into the greater culture of their business, and entrepreneurs, who started the business because the business itself means a lot to them. Steve Albini Shows That Punk Rock Ethics Are Good Business | Psychology Today.

Steve Albini is an accomplish punk rocker. The advice he gives on marriage and business in Psychology Today is simply outstanding. His “number 1 principle” struck a major chord with me.

You deal with what you actually have, and not some aspiration for what you might someday have, and not some expectation of what someday you will be given or earn.” – Steve Albini

The article is over 6000 words and it is truly a deep dive into the ethics and mindset of punk rock. I don’t really understand the lifestyle and neither do I like the music itself but I have all sorts of respect for the underlying forces that drive it… at least that drive Steve.

Posted by Leslie Camacho

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