“They were both almost 30, and it just worked. They had the same level of energy and talent. As one friend would later say, they were magnetized from the start.

But the elephant in the room wasn’t the silent type. Commenters on liberal e-mail groups fretted that the relationship was a bad idea, that she would snoop through his e-mails, do something to hurt the cause.

When Jake called his mother, Lori, to tell her he’d met someone beautiful and smart and funny, he paused to say, “But there’s something you should know. She’s uh . . . she’s . . . uhm . . .”

Lori screeched: “Oh, my God, she’s Republican !

via She was a conservative pundit. He was a liberal activist. At home, none of that mattered. – The Washington Post.

Tonight is yet another Presidential Debate. Then we’ll all make the mistake of going on Facebook to find out how much we’re appalled by the people who hold views drastically different from our own. The story of Mary and Jake is tragic and beautiful and reminder to go hug your loved one and maybe, just maybe, extend some grace to your “opponents.”

Posted by Leslie Camacho


  1. I listened to Mary Katharine when we lived in Bend – she was a regular on Hugh Hewitt’s show. I’d never heard of Jake Brewer, or knew that Mary Katharine had married, until Jake was killed….and reading about it made me cry! So very (VERY) sad, and a reminder that we live in a War Zone! And that genuine love is something far more precious than political partisanship. Prayers for Mary Katharine and her babes!


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