You begin conversations – especially sensitive ones – as kindly and gently as you would an acquaintance or esteemed co-worker.” – Brianna Wiest, 5 Signs You’re In A Relationship That Will Last – According To Psychology | Thought Catalog

Brianna is distilling her “5 Signs” from research done by psychologist John Gottman of The Gottman Institute. It’s an entire organization dedicated to a “research-based approach to creating stronger relationships.” Their marriage research is highly regarded and quoted all over the place.

There is a reason we end every podcast with “be kind to each other.” It is not meant to be a catchy phrase or something for fun. We are super serious about kindness. Yes to fun, yes to a whole bunch of other important things, but most of all, yes to being kind as the default state. We’re glad the research supports what we’ve been practicing for years (it doesn’t always lol).

Posted by Leslie Camacho

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