She was the biggest reason I created Draft to begin with. I needed her help editing my writing and blog posts. She’s the best editor I’ve ever met, and I was sick of passing Word documents back and forth with her. Of course, then she was the first person to tell me when something was wrong or confusing. She helped me prioritize. She had great ideas how to improve the product. I could get her help with anything. But we’ve had a setback in our work relationship. This little one, Addison, entered our lives. 🙂 – Nathan Kontny, Better Half – Signal v. Noise.

I’ve followed Nathan online for a number of years because he always has this uplifting “tone” to his writing, especially when he writes about software development and customer support. 37Signals, the people behind Basecamp, hired him to be the CEO of Highrise, a CRM solution that they spun off into its own company. And then Nathan’s daughter showed up… I can relate on so many levels.

Side note: I am a big fan of Draft, the software he mentions in the article. Draft is a semi-minimalist online writing tool. What makes it different is that you can hire a copy editor “on-demand” to review your work.

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