What are your most important tasks in the morning?

Breakfast with Addison. I love that we get to eat and hang out and read together before she starts her day. It completely grounds me for the day ahead.

No matter how the day goes, no matter what issue pops up, no matter how the business goes, I have this wonderful start to my day where I get to know my daughter more, or get to share something new with her. Getting to my email can wait until after. I’m already dreading the day when she’s off to college and we don’t have this 🙂 – Nathan Kontny’s Morning Routine on My Morning Routine.

Nathan makes the blog twice this week with an interview for Morning Routine. Nathan shares some great advice on how to start your day off with family and work.

I wanted the quote on the Marriage Startup blog to be about family first but the line that hits home for me the most is Nathan’s hat tip to Paul Graham’s advice to “simply turn off your filters and notice the world more.”

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