Defining the edges of performance and the promises you make defines who you are and what you do. We live in the middle but we understand at the edges. – Seth Godin, The edges

Seth is bringing this insightful thought in the context of building a better service through customer education. And because its Seth, he’s also implying it applies to life as well. Regardless of what you believe about Christmas or theology, I’d like to invite you to take time tonight with your partner to talk this through. What is your understanding of the edge? What is the edge of your business, your family, yourself, of the significant things you want to do together, and the mundane things you gift to each other daily? Extra points if you write it down!

The edge is another way of saying “what do I understand to be greater than myself?” It is a critical question. Break out some eggnog and be playful with it. This is not a question that invites burden. Its one of joy… or it can be if you let it.

Merry Christmas from the edge!

Posted by Leslie Camacho

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