We want to thank our listener community for getting in touch with us about our first three episodes. Knowing that you are being inspired and challenged by our story helps us stay energized about doing the work (especially during those late-night recording sessions!).

Here’s some listener feedback that we received yesterday. We have edited and anonymized it, with her permission to share it.

An incident occurred which caused a huge shakeup in my relationship with my husband. I told my husband we couldn’t talk about it right then and that I needed to sit and think. I listened to episode 2 and it was very helpful to just listen to a couple talk in such open and friendly tones to keep me grounded and not lose focus on what the real issue was.

My husband and I got through the difficult conversation that evening, and have made a major (MAJOR) breakthrough in our relationship. 

I just want you to know that you’re already a beacon for some people out here, and are greatly appreciated.


Thank you, dear listener, for telling us how you are making your marriage better!

If anyone else has a story to share about your own Marriage Startup moment, please get in touch!

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Posted by Laura Camacho

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