The most paradoxical part of the story is that for most of our civilizational history, we’ve seen ourselves as fundamentally kind and held kindness as a high ideal of personhood. Only in recent times — in large part thanks to Emerson — did the ideal of independence and self-reliance become the benchmark of spiritual success. The need for belonging has become an intolerable manifestation of vulnerability — we’ve stopped believing in our own kindness and the merits of mutual belonging, producing what poet and philosopher David Whyte has elegantly termed “our sense of slight woundedness.” – Maria Popova, How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure | Brain Pickings

Following up from yesterday’s business and research oriented approach to kindness is a literary exploration of kindness from Maria over at Brain Pickings. I want to read every single book and article referenced by Maria. Actually, I’m going to switch that from “I want to read” to “I’ve scheduled the first one, On Kindness” to read next.

Grab some coffee, a notebook, and your empathy cap and take the time to soak in what Maria has to say on kindness. I found it invaluable.

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