This attitude can show up in friendship as a lack of empathy. Friendships become things to manage; you have a lot of them, and you come to them with tools. So here is a first step: To reclaim conversation for yourself, your friendships and society, push back against viewing the world as one giant app. It works the other way, too: Conversation is the antidote to the algorithmic way of looking at life because it teaches you about fluidity, contingency and personality. via Sherri Turkle for the NYT, Stop Googling. Let’s Talk. – The New York Times.

Sherri is a professor in the program in Science, Technology and Society at M.I.T. She goes way beyond describing the problem. She offers solutions, starting with one we already know, “look up.”

I learned about the “Rule of Three,” how its destroying our ability to talk to each other, especially in groups, about anything meaningful (insert your favorite political joke here) and many other practical things. I learned more specifically about how our  modern take on “conversations” erodes empathy, especially in friendships and our close relationships. I learned… well, a lot. Dig in for yourself, but not at the dinner table.


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