I never got to see the spaceship come over [in 1977]. I never got that experience that everyone else got to have. I never got to see ‘Star Wars.’ So this time I’m going to.” – George Lucas, George Lucas: To feel the true force of ‘Star Wars,’ he had to learn to let it go – The Washington Post

Hank Stuever has written a touching piece on George Lucas for the Washington Post. If you’ve never read up on George, Hank’s article is a good round up of highlights, including what he’s doing right now in the art world (building a stellar museum in Chicago).

I think what people forget about George is that he really did make Star Wars for kids and he’s stuck to that original vision for decades despite all the misguided hate he got for the “special editions.” Say what you want about Jar Jar but my kids loved him. They thoroughly enjoyed the Phantom Menace, cheese and all… perhaps because of it.

Posted by Leslie Camacho


  1. Great insightful article!! Learned all kinds of stuff from it…and George seems like a good guy. I tend to agree with him about art, as well…..

    YOU taught me something worthwhile, as well. I’d never thought about why JarJar Binks was in there — just HATED the little creep!!



    1. Earl, you are finally ready. You are finally ready to know the truth about Jar Jar. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.


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