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In this episode we recount the painful story of Christmas 2014 and use the workbook called Get Christmased to start owning our Christmases. It’s pretty heavy – Laura cries. But by the end, we have some definite forward momentum. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas specifically, we invite you to investigate your own approach to seasonal family rituals and craft them into something that brings joy for you and yours.

“Last Christmas was our worst as a family…. and I have a record of bad Christmas.” – Leslie

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The workbook we’re referring to in this episode is: Get Christmased, by Magda Pecsenye.

Magda has also written You’re the Best Parent for Your Child, a compassionate and insightful compilation of parenting truths gleaned from her website,

If filling out the workbook yourself feels overwhelming, or you’re more collaborative by nature, you can always contact Magda for a Flash Consult, where  for $250 she’ll solve your problem in around 24 hours.

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  2. So sorry Christmas has been so fraught for you guys!! So glad you’re working on getting past it – the future is bright!

    I had to smile as I listened to past memories — I remember that Laura’s Nenek (my mother) called me when I was beginning therapy back in the day. She said that every good therapist understands that what the client is telling them is THEIR reality, and not necessarily the “cosmic truth” of what occurred in the past. So she wanted me to know that I was to be open about ANY terrible things that had happened during my childhood – not to hold back to protect her and Dad, because the success of the therapeutic process depended on complete transparency about events, feelings, etc.

    My favorite example of this is my clear memories of spending MANY afternoons on the street outside 1464 6th Avenue in San Francisco, when the “bus” from Harbor Hill (private) school would drop us off and Mrs. Geyer (our babysitter until Mom got back from Langley Porter Clinic where she was in residency) hadn’t got to the house yet. As an adult talking to Mom, she told me that it happened once or twice, max! All I can say is that for a five-year-old if was TRAUMATIC, and the memory was seared into my mind, spreading over MANY afternoons!



    1. “not necessarily the “cosmic truth” <– This has been very difficult for me to learn. The older I get, the easier this is to accept. And because it is the season of Star Wars I can’t help but think about Obi Wan’s line. “Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”


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