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Recipe – Unicorn Fuel

This is Dr. Wagner’s recipe for a “coffee alternative” in Leslie’sĀ Adrenal Fatigue protocol. Unicorn Fuel 1 c boiling water 1 TB coconut oil 1 heaping tsp maca powder 2 heaping tsp cacao powder 1/2 tsp matcha green tea powder 1/2...

/ June 15, 2015

Figs, three ways.

Dates are the darling of the Paleo world – huge, deliciousĀ sugar content, but none of it refined so they often get a pass. But the high sugar content and glycemic load of the date is not compatible with the sugar...

/ May 31, 2015

Recipe: Beet Toddy

In episode 20, Laura mentioned a special hot drink she was using to help get through the nasty cold she was fighting. Here is the recipe. It’s inspired by one we enjoyed at our local juice bar. Beet Toddy 1...

/ November 18, 2014