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Recipe: Beet Toddy

In episode 20, Laura mentioned a special hot drink she was using to help get through the nasty cold she was fighting. Here is the recipe. It’s inspired by one we enjoyed at our local juice bar. Beet Toddy 1...

/ November 18, 2014

Marriage Kanban Moment

Laura here… As you know, Leslie has been gone on a business trip for the past 5 days. That makes parenting three kids quite a bit more challenging, to say the least. I’m so thankful for the Kanban board that...

/ October 8, 2014

Printable Household “Definitions of Done”

Some of you have been asking to see our “Definition of Done” chore lists. Here they are. Print them out, laminate them*, and post them where everyone can refer to them! Daily Kitchen Reset Daily Upstairs Reset Bathroom Reset *That’s...

/ October 3, 2014

Laura’s Poem for Leslie

(Laura’s promise to Leslie in episode 8 was to write him a poem. She read it to him – and made him cry, much to our listeners’ satisfaction – in episode 10.) For Leslie. September 8, 2014. I move toward you...

/ September 9, 2014
Gail and Earl at Iguaçu Falls, Argentina, on their first anniversary.

Interview with Earl and Gail Aagaard (with pictures!)

Last week, we interviewed 45-year marriage veterans Earl and Gail Aagaard. They had some wonderful insight and adventure stories to share, and we have a special connection with them because they are Laura’s parents! We got great feedback on the...

/ September 4, 2014
the view on a walk in Bend

Date Night – a poem by Marc Wagner

Date Night by Marc Wagner   for date night for the chance to walk, to talk to take in the sights to just be and let be she and me with no agenda, no calendar just this intentional encounter with...

/ August 31, 2014
In which we interview Laura's parents.

Behind the scenes of Episode 9

Here we are last night, before we interviewed Earl and Gail, Laura’s parents who have been married for 45 years.

/ August 28, 2014