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Compassion is Survival

There’s a video circulating today that is squeezing my heart so tight, making me choke on fury and fear.   It’s a little girl (a very small 14 or 15) who’s been handcuffed and is being forced into the back...

/ September 21, 2016

Skipped Last Week – For the Children! Well, New Kid :)

Hi Marriage Startup Listeners! We had to skip last week. We will be back this Friday/Saturday to our “almost normal” schedule. Last weekend we were in our charge of keeping some kiddos safe, sound, and happy while their parents brought...

/ March 14, 2016

Delay on Episode 60

Hi all, We’ve been dealing with kid illnesses for the last couple weeks, and now it’s the parents’ turn to fend off the crud. We’ll get back to the show once Leslie’s voice is in full working order. Sorry for the delay!...

/ February 3, 2016

Merry Christmas from the Edge!

Defining the edges of performance and the promises you make defines who you are and what you do. We live in the middle but we understand at the edges. – Seth Godin, The edges Seth is bringing this insightful thought in the...

/ December 24, 2015

George Lucas Awakens: “This Time I’m Going to”

I never got to see the spaceship come over [in 1977]. I never got that experience that everyone else got to have. I never got to see ‘Star Wars.’ So this time I’m going to.” – George Lucas, George Lucas: To...

/ December 14, 2015

Small Gestures Build Trust

“Small gestures often cost nothing but build more trust than large, expensive (or expansive) gestures bestowed occasionally. And so it is with software development. Delivering small, frequent, high-quality releases builds more trust with partner teams than putting out larger releases less...

/ September 14, 2015

Marriage, the Impossible Fit and Your Best Shot

So, we do the impossible. We fit our lives together slowly, methodically, every day. Start with the feet. Find the knobs and pinches. Fit them where you can. Don’t mash them. Don’t fling yourself. Don’t assume. Don’t skip a step. Find...

/ August 31, 2015