Month: September 2015


Agile Family Tips from Trello

There is a growing movement of parents implementing agile strategies at home. From weekly standups to logistical coordination, there are lots of ways to adapt agile ideas into your home. Aside from the tangible solutions to scheduling, agile practices also...

/ September 17, 2015

Time Confetti: Should Leisure Time be a Toss-up?

I (Laura) have been thinking about this very thing lately. It’s one of the tension points Leslie and I have felt a lot – especially as I’ve been trying to divest myself of the Stay-at-Home Mom identity and embrace a...

/ September 16, 2015

Clive Makes a Video Game for One Person, his Wife

The game I made for my wife is something rather different. It was a game made for an audience of one. The reason I’m not showing you the whole game is for the same reasons we don’t show our love...

/ September 15, 2015

Small Gestures Build Trust

“Small gestures often cost nothing but build more trust than large, expensive (or expansive) gestures bestowed occasionally. And so it is with software development. Delivering small, frequent, high-quality releases builds more trust with partner teams than putting out larger releases less...

/ September 14, 2015

“We Moved 12 Times in 10 Years”

In short, I have not made it easy and we both had no idea what the last 10 years would be like. We moved 12 times in 10 years (I might be missing one or two…) from Atlanta to Austin...

/ September 11, 2015

Ron Gilbert Dissects His Game Dev Budget

Seeing $500,000 in your bank account can make you cocky. It can seem like an endless supply of cash and more money than most people (including me) have ever seen in their bank account. But you have to treat that...

/ September 10, 2015

Raising Dion – A Superhero Story from the Eyes of a Single Mom

Imagine Superman, but from Martha Kent’s point of view. Or imagine Spiderman, but from Aunt May’s point of view. This is a superhero story, but from the parent’s point of view. But unlike her son, she doesn’t have any powers....

/ September 9, 2015